Garrett Robinson

Garrett Robinson is the Lead Developer on SecureDrop. His interest in empowering whistleblowers through technology began when he was involved with environmental activism in Appalachia, and lead to the creation of a whistleblower submission site called Honest Appalachia. He currently works full time as a security and privacy engineer for Mozilla, and previously worked for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

James Dolan

James Dolan is the SecureDrop Project Manager and Security Specialist. He assists media organizations with preparing, installing and maintaining SecureDrop instances. He helped architect the original SecureDrop environment (then called DeadDrop) with Aaron Swartz and Kevin Poulsen while working at Conde Nast as part of their Information Security team.

Kevin Gallagher

Kevin Gallagher is a Systems Administrator and Web Developer helping FPF in a part-time capacity. He is a writer, activist and certified GNU/Linux expert who is enthusiastic about privacy, security and freedom of information. In 2012 he created Free Barrett Brown, a support network and legal defense fund formed for the purpose of assisting a prominent jailed American journalist.